Collaborative Efforts


Video Collaboration Tool

Livegenic delivers an Award Winning Real-time Video Platform for Insurance. We connect every part of the claims ecosystem to help insurance organizations reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate business related risk.

Livegenic's cloud-based platform includes App and browser-based solutions for real-time video collaboration, field documentation, and customer self-service. Our unique, patented technology for customer service enables live video collaboration between an in-house adjuster, appraiser and the policyholder, all without disconnecting the call. Our solution also eliminates the need for policyholders to register accounts, create logins, or jump through hoops in order to collaborate with their adjuster.

Livegenic also provides a suite of mobile solutions for insurance professionals that enable adjusters and inspectors to capture live and offline pictures and videos, exchange attachments and other files, and send, receive, and create claims assignments; all through a single mobile App.


Delivering a smooth customer journey.

At ManageMy we believe in the value of insurance. We understand that insurance empowers families, communities and businesses. But we also believe that there's room for improvement, and so we are doing something about it. Our mission is to bring life back into insurance, making it simple, transparent and accessible. Removing frustrations and empowering customers, insurers and intermediaries. Contributing to an industry of which we can all be proud. We love working with and building relationships with our clients. And we love helping them do the same with their customers.


Cloud Based Digital Solution

iPortalis is a Cloud Services company specialising in brokerage, aggregation and portfolio management. At the heart of our service is the iPortalis Control Portal (iCP), a software platform that automates many of the complex tasks associated with Employee Lifecycle Management. The iCP is recognised as one of the world’s fastest growing self-service cloud provisioning and management platforms.

Claims Genius Solution

Claims Genius Solution

Globally insurance carriers are facing challenges to bring efficiencies in the claim assessment area and spending billons of dollars on Loss Adjustment Expenses. Claim Genius’s AI computer vision technology help reduce the cycle time and cost by over 50%. Our “Genius Suite” provides real time damage assessment from the vehicle pictures which helps insurance carrier to settle claims faster than ever and gives a great digital experience to its customers. Today Claim Genius is working with global insurance carriers & third party loss adjusters.