Digital Insurance Solutions

Simple to Integrate, Simple to use, Scalable across multiple markets.

Acronex Group has a Global Team. We are specialists in insurance and insurance claims. Our belief is that optimum results and insurance transformation are an achievable reality from simple Digital Solutions that require minimum integration. We are constantly influencing new Digital innovations around the world to achieve this objective.

Acronex claims solutions have been developed with this core objective in mind. The results over the last 5 years have been outstanding. Customer satisfaction and loyalty have improved and costs have been reduced year on year for all of our clients. This is spearheaded by our partnership with Livegenic and our affiliated partners, enabling us to provide a continuously improving claims process for our clients. Our roadmaps begin with video collaboration for claims reporting, are supported by efficient process improvements and utilisation of data, and finally by simplifying the repair and payment processes. Please view our Solutions page for more details on each of these stages.

Our insurance claims process simplification solutions include AI that enables fast track resolution of simple and total loss cases, Customer video collaboration for more complex cases and expert claims adjuster tools such as 3D video and Drones. In addition to the claims solutions, our aim is to simplify other customer-frustrating processes such as personal identification and using complex insurance forms to buy insurance or claim a benefit.

Our Live demo can be completed in less than 5 minutes and offers direct insight into the benefits that are achieved through video collaboration.


The Acronex Group consists of two companies. Contact us and find out how our services can benefit your company.

Acronex Limited – registered address in England and Wales at 27 Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom.
Acronex Europe IKE – registered address in Greece at 49 Thessalias Street, 16673, Panorama Voula, Athens, Greece. +44 7469 159601 +44 7468 571498